Why learn a Foreign Language?

If we look upon closely why Indians are demanded worldwide, one of the important factors would be their understanding of an important foreign language i.e, English. But in this era of limited jobs and huge labour force adding every year what we need is diversification of skills. Languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian etc. present huge capacity of labour force absorption. What we need is change of mindset and belief in what we are going to provide you. We will help Instill those language skills which help you find a job with a decent to handsome salary. 

Even one of our faculty member is working as a French translator/interpreter in an IT company. Similarly, there is going to be a huge demand for foreign language teachers in govt/Pvt. Schools. So learning a foreign language isn't just a hobby it is a proper career opportunity.  I just want to share what my friend told me once, " If u have a driving license and know Arabic , you are a useful man in Dubai". It just emphasizes the importance of local language if you plan to move out sometime in your life. Lingua Franca currently expertises in "French" , among foreign languages, which is "most widely taught language after English"!

Benefits of E-Learning

As we understand the value of time and money so e-learning is the greatest Revolution with a solution to save both of them. Allow us to explain why online learning is more awesome than you think..

 > Online classes at your place.

 > Boldly raise questions without the fear of crowd.

 > No Burden of commuting.

 > Learn with your comfort.

 > Reasonable fees.

 > No Rush & crowded classroom sessions.

 > Focus on you only (One to one session).

 > Doubt clearance on the spot.

 > Professional & Friendly Trainers to train you.

 > Provides continuity in education especially for married women.


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